Each of our products tells a story to inspire you as a citizen of the world. At Wakami, we believe in creating products and experiences with love for the earth and its people. Global change begins at home.

Wakami creates handmade accessories for an ethical lifestyle. Each product is made with purpose and inspired by a story that speaks to the values that connect us all. Our products are designed to empower you, the lives you touch, and our artisans.

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For socially conscious consumers, Wakami is an ethical lifestyle brand that designs and produces handmade accessories created with purpose and love for the Earth by women living in rural Guatemala.

We partner with local women in rural villages across Guatemala. By consciously crafting each of our products, we inspire our artisans to make their dreams a reality and our customers to live a life of purpose

Wakami is creating an ethical lifestyle through purpose-driven design fueled by love for the earth and its people.

Wakami builds bridges of collaboration through handmade products. By exporting to over 20 countries globally.

Through purpose-driven design, Wakami products make a positive impact in the world. Part of this commitment goes to granting an average of 130 scholarships each year to children within the Wakami network

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